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Todo List

Member wxIFMComponent::m_fixed
Update code to reflect the above description

Class wxIFMComponentButtonManager
Make this class be able to position buttons horizontally or vertically

Member wxIFMDefaultContainerPlugin::OnGetDesiredSize (wxIFMRectEvent &event)
I can cache this result and only recalculate it if any part of the component was updated

Member wxIFMDefaultDockingPlugin::OnDragEnd (wxIFMDragEvent &event)
Fix this, it doesn't do quite what is expected, but at least it doesn't crash

Member wxIFMDefaultDockingPlugin::OnShowDropTargets (wxIFMShowDropTargetsEvent &event)
Clean this function

Member wxIFMDefaultInterfacePlugin::OnAddChild (wxIFMAddChildEvent &event)
Handle tabify. We don't make panels for children being tabbed

Member wxIFMDefaultInterfacePlugin::OnUpdate (wxIFMUpdateEvent &event)
Add a flag to default data that specifies if a change has been made since the last update

Member wxIFMDefaultPanelPlugin::OnComponentButtonClick (wxIFMComponentButtonEvent &event)
implement minimizing of components

Member wxIFMDefaultPanelPlugin::OnComponentButtonClick (wxIFMComponentButtonEvent &event)
implement maximizing of components

Member wxIFMDefaultPanelPlugin::OnSetChild (wxIFMSetChildEvent &event)
Move this into defaultplugin

Member wxIFMDefaultPlugin::OnCalcRects (wxIFMCalcRectsEvent &event)
Find a better way to fix rounding errors

Member wxIFMDefaultPlugin::OnPaintBg (wxIFMPaintEvent &event)
Globalize colour storage

Member wxIFMDefaultPlugin::OnPaintBorder (wxIFMPaintEvent &event)
Globalize colour storage

Member wxIFMDefaultResizePlugin::OnLeftDown (wxIFMMouseEvent &event)
Possibly provide resize sash hit test event?

Member wxIFMDefaultResizePlugin::OnPaintDecor (wxIFMPaintEvent &event)
Globalize colour storage

Member wxIFMDefaultResizePlugin::UpdateResizeSashes (wxIFMComponent *component)
Allow for top / left resize sashes on children here

provide an auto generating facility for these id's


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