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wxIFMDragEvent Class Reference

#include <dragndrop.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 wxIFMDragEvent (wxEventType type, wxIFMComponent *component, wxPoint pos, bool alt, bool shift, bool control, bool realtime=false, bool canceled=false)
 wxIFMDragEvent (const wxIFMDragEvent &event)
virtual wxEvent * Clone () const
const wxPoint & GetPosition () const
bool WasCanceled () const
bool RealtimeUpdates () const
bool ControlDown () const
bool ShiftDown () const
bool AltDown () const

Private Attributes

wxPoint m_pos
bool m_canceled
bool m_realtime
bool m_altDown
bool m_ctrlDown
bool m_shiftDown

Detailed Description

Drag event class

Definition at line 185 of file dragndrop.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxIFMDragEvent::wxIFMDragEvent wxEventType  type,
wxIFMComponent component,
wxPoint  pos,
bool  alt,
bool  shift,
bool  control,
bool  realtime = false,
bool  canceled = false

Definition at line 195 of file dragndrop.h.

Referenced by Clone().

wxIFMDragEvent::wxIFMDragEvent const wxIFMDragEvent event  )  [inline]

Definition at line 207 of file dragndrop.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool wxIFMDragEvent::AltDown  )  const [inline]

True if alt is pressed

Definition at line 249 of file dragndrop.h.

References m_altDown.

Referenced by wxIFMDefaultDockingPlugin::OnDrag().

virtual wxEvent* wxIFMDragEvent::Clone  )  const [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 217 of file dragndrop.h.

References wxIFMDragEvent().

bool wxIFMDragEvent::ControlDown  )  const [inline]

True if control is pressed

Definition at line 239 of file dragndrop.h.

References m_ctrlDown.

const wxPoint& wxIFMDragEvent::GetPosition  )  const [inline]

Position of the mouse in screen coordinates that generated the event

Definition at line 222 of file dragndrop.h.

References m_pos.

Referenced by wxIFMDefaultDockingPlugin::OnDrag(), wxIFMDefaultDockingPlugin::OnDragBegin(), and wxIFMDefaultDockingPlugin::OnDragEnd().

bool wxIFMDragEvent::RealtimeUpdates  )  const [inline]

True if updates should be made in real time. Only makes sense for wxEVT_IFM_RESIZE

Definition at line 234 of file dragndrop.h.

References m_realtime.

bool wxIFMDragEvent::ShiftDown  )  const [inline]

True if shift is pressed

Definition at line 244 of file dragndrop.h.

References m_shiftDown.

Referenced by wxIFMDefaultDockingPlugin::OnDrag().

bool wxIFMDragEvent::WasCanceled  )  const [inline]

If the resize was canceled by the user (or something else). Only makes sense for wxEVT_IFM_ENDRESIZE.

Definition at line 228 of file dragndrop.h.

References m_canceled.

Referenced by wxIFMDefaultDockingPlugin::OnDragEnd().

Member Data Documentation

bool wxIFMDragEvent::m_altDown [private]

Definition at line 191 of file dragndrop.h.

Referenced by AltDown().

bool wxIFMDragEvent::m_canceled [private]

Definition at line 190 of file dragndrop.h.

Referenced by WasCanceled().

bool wxIFMDragEvent::m_ctrlDown [private]

Definition at line 191 of file dragndrop.h.

Referenced by ControlDown().

wxPoint wxIFMDragEvent::m_pos [private]

Definition at line 189 of file dragndrop.h.

Referenced by GetPosition().

bool wxIFMDragEvent::m_realtime [private]

Definition at line 190 of file dragndrop.h.

Referenced by RealtimeUpdates().

bool wxIFMDragEvent::m_shiftDown [private]

Definition at line 191 of file dragndrop.h.

Referenced by ShiftDown().

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