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manager.h File Reference

#include "ifmdefs.h"
#include <wx/window.h>

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class  wxIFMVersionInfo
class  wxInterfaceManager
class  wxIFMChildDataBase
class  wxIFMComponent
 Class representing a generic component in the interface. More...
class  wxIFMExtensionDataBase


wxIFMComponentDataKeyType GetNewDataKey ()
int GetNewComponentType ()
int GetNewChildType ()

Detailed Description

Defines core components of the IFM system

Robin McNeill
Created: 10/15/04
Copyright (c) Robin McNeill Licensed under the terms of the wxWindows license

Definition in file manager.h.

Function Documentation

int GetNewChildType  ) 

New unique identifier for a child type

Definition at line 43 of file manager.cpp.

int GetNewComponentType  ) 

New unique identifier for a component type

Definition at line 36 of file manager.cpp.

wxIFMComponentDataKeyType GetNewDataKey  ) 

New unique data key for component data

Definition at line 29 of file manager.cpp.


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