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wxIFMShowComponentEvent Class Reference

This event is used to show or hide a component. More...

#include <events.h>

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Public Member Functions

 wxIFMShowComponentEvent (wxIFMComponent *component, bool show, bool update)
 wxIFMShowComponentEvent (const wxIFMShowComponentEvent &event)
virtual wxEvent * Clone () const
bool GetShow () const
bool GetUpdate () const
void SetUpdate (bool s)

Protected Attributes

bool m_show
bool m_update

Detailed Description

This event is used to show or hide a component.

This event is used to change the visibility state of a component. Note that this event is very different from wxIFMComponentVisibilityChangedEvent. wxIFMComponentVisibilityChangedEvent is only a notification that the visibility state has changed. It does not modify the internal state variable. When a components parent is hidden while that component is visible, the component recieves wxIFMComponentVisibilityChangedEvent notifying it that it is no longer visibile, while the parent recieves wxIFMShowComponentEvent to actually hide it, and change its m_hidden member. The m_hidden member for the component recieving wxIFMComponentVisibilityChangedEvent does not change.

While processing this event, it is important to note that wxIFMComponent::m_hidden will reflect the old visibility state. After this event is done being processed, the wxIFMComponent::Show() function will change the m_hidden member. You should not send this event directly, but instead only call wxIFMComponent::Show().

The default implementation for this event sends wxIFMComponentVisibilityChangedEvent to the component and its children. The default implementation will also ensure that this components parents are all visible if this component is being shown. If those parents are hidden, Show() will be called on them. Any children of this component who are shown, but were not visible because this component was hidden, will recieve wxIFMComponentVisibilityChangedEvent events.

See also:

Definition at line 1294 of file events.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxIFMShowComponentEvent::wxIFMShowComponentEvent wxIFMComponent component,
bool  show,
bool  update

Definition at line 1300 of file events.h.

Referenced by Clone().

wxIFMShowComponentEvent::wxIFMShowComponentEvent const wxIFMShowComponentEvent event  )  [inline]

Definition at line 1306 of file events.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual wxEvent* wxIFMShowComponentEvent::Clone  )  const [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 1312 of file events.h.

References wxIFMShowComponentEvent().

bool wxIFMShowComponentEvent::GetShow  )  const [inline]

Wether or not the component is being hidden or shown

Definition at line 1317 of file events.h.

References m_show.

Referenced by wxIFMDefaultPlugin::OnShowComponent(), and wxIFMDefaultPanelPlugin::OnShowComponent().

bool wxIFMShowComponentEvent::GetUpdate  )  const [inline]

If the interface should be updated

Definition at line 1322 of file events.h.

References m_update.

Referenced by wxIFMDefaultPlugin::OnShowComponent().

void wxIFMShowComponentEvent::SetUpdate bool  s  )  [inline]

Definition at line 1323 of file events.h.

References m_update.

Member Data Documentation

bool wxIFMShowComponentEvent::m_show [protected]

Definition at line 1297 of file events.h.

Referenced by GetShow().

bool wxIFMShowComponentEvent::m_update [protected]

Definition at line 1297 of file events.h.

Referenced by GetUpdate(), and SetUpdate().

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