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wxIFMContainerData Class Reference

#include <definterface.h>

Inherits wxIFMExtensionDataBase.

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Public Member Functions

 wxIFMContainerData ()
 wxIFMContainerData (wxIFMInterfacePluginBase *ip, wxIFMComponent *c)
wxIFMComponentDataKeyType GetDataKey () const

Static Public Member Functions

static wxIFMComponentDataKeyType DataKey ()

Public Attributes

int m_orientation
 where is this container? (top, bottom, left, right, docked)
wxRect m_tray_rect
 area containing buttons and extras for the container. Also the drag enabled area

Detailed Description

Storage class for data specific to containers.

Definition at line 520 of file definterface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxIFMContainerData::wxIFMContainerData  ) 

Definition at line 2969 of file definterface.cpp.

wxIFMContainerData::wxIFMContainerData wxIFMInterfacePluginBase ip,
wxIFMComponent c

Definition at line 2975 of file definterface.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

wxIFMComponentDataKeyType wxIFMContainerData::DataKey  )  [static]

Note that this function is the static version of GetDataKey. ALL component data types must implement their own copy of this function.

Key used to retrieve this data

Reimplemented from wxIFMExtensionDataBase.

Definition at line 2986 of file definterface.cpp.

wxIFMComponentDataKeyType wxIFMContainerData::GetDataKey  )  const [virtual]

Key used to retrieve this data

Implements wxIFMExtensionDataBase.

Definition at line 2981 of file definterface.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int wxIFMContainerData::m_orientation

where is this container? (top, bottom, left, right, docked)

Definition at line 532 of file definterface.h.

Referenced by wxIFMDefaultInterfacePlugin::GetContainer(), wxIFMDefaultInterfacePlugin::OnAddChild(), wxIFMDefaultContainerPlugin::OnDock(), wxIFMDefaultDockingPlugin::OnDragEnd(), wxIFMDefaultInterfacePlugin::OnGetContentRect(), wxIFMDefaultInterfacePlugin::OnRemoveTopContainer(), wxIFMDefaultInterfacePlugin::OnUpdate(), and wxIFMDefaultResizePlugin::UpdateContainerResizeSashes().

wxRect wxIFMContainerData::m_tray_rect

area containing buttons and extras for the container. Also the drag enabled area

Definition at line 533 of file definterface.h.

Referenced by wxIFMDefaultContainerPlugin::OnCreateComponent(), wxIFMDefaultContainerPlugin::OnLeftDown(), wxIFMDefaultContainerPlugin::OnPaintDecor(), and wxIFMDefaultContainerPlugin::OnUpdate().

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